The Majestic Turban - just some of what inspires us...

Rajasthan really epitomises the colourful, vibrant part of India, it’s known as the ‘Land of Colours’ and all the credit goes to the Majestic Turbans.

Indian man wearing ochre turbanOriginally people started to wear a turban to keep their head cool. The cloth was kept soaked in water overnight and and tied in the morning. It was a way of escaping from the harsh and scorching heat of sun in the hot climate of desert, protecting the delicate skin with pure cotton.  

It’s basically a very long piece of fabric, about 9 meters long or even longer in some cases, it emerged by Rajput warrior community who would wear them as a royal mark,and is also used identify an individual's caste, creed, religion, region based on his "Paag'' and ''style of wrapping".

The style of turban changes every 15 km and there are more than 1000 kinds of turban types and their styles of wearing.

Two Indian men wearing turbansThere tends to be different colours for different season and festivals. The climatic conditions changes the shape & size of turbans and colourful and royal for the princely status. At times, exhausted travellers also use them as makeshift pillows, a sheet for covering the body and a towel. In fact, turbans can be unknotted and be used as ropes too so they are incredibly versatile!  A turban signifies a man’s honour and knocking it over is taken as an insult, placing the turban at someone's feet means you are surrendering, while the exchange of a turban signifies brotherhood.

Warm ochre is the colour considered most sacred and is worn during weddings and festivals along with vibrant magentas and reds. These are the vivid colours that inspire us the most and we’ve ‘woven’ them into a lot of our products so far.     



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Shauna Hanna
October, 4. 2018

Wow! What fabulous pictures and really interesting to read about where you get your inspiration from :)

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